An appointment for a full eye exam includes OCT scans, retinal photos and 45 minutes with the optometrist to discuss and investigate all your concerns about eyesight and eye health.

Catherine and her team work hard to maintain excellent communication with the people we may need to refer you to – colleagues, doctors, and specialists. So that if you need to be referred on, you will get the treatment you need as quickly and effectively as possible.

Catherine travels regularly to attend conferences and seminars in New Zealand and overseas, and is committed to applying the best evidence-based eyecare.

How we can help you

An optometric examination at our Hokitika eye clinic provides:


Answers to your concerns about eyesight and vision changes


Eye health care, including investigation of how your age, general health, or how medicines for general health problems may be affecting your eyes and vision


How to see as well as you can, whatever you do


Informed advice about all the options for your eyecare


OCT scans and retinal images help record and identify changes which allow us to monitor eye health over time


Referral to specialist care when needed


Treatment of common eye health disorders

Eye Conditions

Learn about common eye conditions we can help diagnose and treat

Eyewear Range

We have a large selection of frames available that look good and wear well.

Get In Touch

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Other Services

We can also help you with:


Children’s vision and behavioural optometry


Co-management with your doctor when you have eye disease such as glaucoma, or conditions like diabetes, or take certain medicines that may affect your eyesight


Driver’s License Visual Examinations


Dry Eye management


Investigation of headache


Maritime NZ, Armed Services and Police recruiting Visual Examinations


Workplace vision and eye examinations

Our Technology

Our professional staff provide complete eye examinations in Hokitika. We offer comprehensive eye testing and optical care using the latest knowledge and technology including OCT scans of the retina.
OCT – this stands for Optical Coherence Tomography, and we say it is like ultrasound but it uses light instead of sound. It measures and makes an image of the retina, which lines the outside of your eye. Normal healthy retinas have layers of different kinds of cells and connecting fibers. These show in the images as stripes of various thickness.
When the retina is damaged – by macular degeneration or diabetes or another cause – these layers are not as regular.
So OCT lets us identify if an eyesight problem is because of damage to the retina, and it can do that with amazing precision. Then we can email the images to an Eye Specialist anywhere, to help them diagnose and treat the problem. With this technology we are able to quickly get the right treatment.

Our qualified optometrists are happy to discuss your concerns and problems. For reliable service at affordable rates in the Hokitika and South Westland community, please contact us today to arrange an appointment.

Regular Examinations

Caring for your eye health means regular re-checks – every two years – We send out a reminder note at a future time that will be discussed with you. This makes sure that any eye health problems will be detected at an early stage, as well as allowing for an update of your frames, lenses or contact lenses. Is it time you had a check-up?

We are accepting new patients and new bookings, but the comprehensive examination appointments will be about 6 weeks ahead. For urgent requests, please phone us an we will assess the urgency; For breakages please call in, we may be able to make a temporary repair.