Guarantees & Warranties

We want you to be happy with the care and products you receive from us. If you are not happy, we would like to hear about it.  As usual, terms and conditions apply.

Spectacles are tailor-made to your individual prescription, which includes the lens design and features like coatings and tints. We choose the options that we think will work for you, based on the information you give us and our findings on examination. But we don’t know everything about you and what you do!

Fair Trading and Consumer Guarantees Laws apply

We are a New Zealand business and are bound by the laws of New Zealand, including the Fair Trading Act 1996 and the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. We will do our best to be open and honest in our dealings with you, and to look after you to the best of our ability. If you are not happy, please tell us. If you don’t tell us that what we did for you is not successful – we won’t know. If we are able to – we will put it right.

Terms and Conditions:

    • There is a time limit for addressing concerns about prescription and lens type and performance under the terms of these guarantees,  of three months from the time of your eye examination
    • We request that you pay the examination fee at the time of your appointment, and then a  deposit of half the purchase price may be required before we order your spectacles. Third party payments (by insurance, WINZ or employers) need to be confirmed before the order is placed and spectacles will not be released until the payment is made or confirmed.
    • We expect that you will collect and pay what is owing for your spectacles in a reasonable time, – about three months. If you are unable to do so you must let us know.
    • Anything referred to a debt collection agency will incur extra costs that you will have to pay.

What we will do:

Examination Fees are not refundable, but there is no charge for a prescription recheck within 3 months of collecting you glasses or contact lenses that are made or supplied by us.

Frames and sunglasses

    • 1 year warranty against defects in manufacture for frames that we supply; limit of once only: if the second frame is faulty we will need to choose a different item and extra cost may apply.
    • Lifetime refitting, cleaning and adjustment service for frames and sunglasses purchased from us, for the lifetime of the item.
    • Although we, and the labs that we ask to work with us are really careful, we are unable to offer warranties on frames purchased elsewhere; and re-using your own frame is always at your risk.

Spectacle Lenses prescribed and supplied by us

    • If you are not happy with your lens prescription we will check and remake the lenses if needed, at no charge to you; but you must let us know and book a re-examination within three months of collecting the spectacles. This includes not adapting to progressive lenses. There are alternatives!
    • One month ”satisfied or exchange” warranty for Transitions and anti-reflection-coated lenses. The replacement will be the same type of lens without Transitions or the anti-reflection coating.
    • Lens coatings may be replaced at no charge up to two years from the time you collect the spectacles – subject to supplier assessment. Treat your lenses with care! Protect them from heat, clean them gently with the right cleaning agents and don’t rub them too hard.
    • If you had your lenses/spectacles made elsewhere to our prescription and you are not happy with them, your first step should be to go back to the people who made the glasses, to check that the spectacles have been correctly made.  We will recheck at no charge to find out if the prescription needs modifying – as long as it is within three months of your original examination; but replacing frames or lenses purchased elsewhere  is not automatically covered under our warranties and guarantees, so there may be some cost to you if a change is made.

Contact lenses If the contact lenses have been purchased from us,

    • Lenses that seem to be faulty from first use will be replaced.
    • Boxes of lenses can be returned or exchanged but only if they are unopened, within their expiry date and in saleable condition.
    • Free trial lenses may be available to evaluate performance and vision- but at the discretion of the supplier.
    • If you buy your lenses online we can’t be responsible for them, but we will be happy to re-examine your eyes and vision to try to identify the problem and put it right. Fees and charges may apply.

Returns and refunds The Consumer Guarantees Act does not require a business to refund purchases that are unsatisfactory. But depending on the circumstances this may be the best option. Let’s talk about it.

Cancellations   If you need to cancel an order please do so as soon as possible. Sometimes it is too late and the lenses have already been made, in which case we will need to discuss how the costs will be shared between us.

Delivery times We try our best to let you know the time that your contact lenses or spectacles will take to be made and be ready to collect. But there can be problems with manufacturing schedules, items being out of stock, or with transport from the overseas labs to New Zealand. In recent times there have been delays at Customs and there is always the chance of a delay that we don’t know the reason for. We are sorry if your glasses take longer than expected and we will try to let you know if there is gong to be a delay.

In summary – we want you to be  happy and satisfied with our service, and will do our best to resolve problems with the prescription or eyewear that we supply.

We are accepting new patients and new bookings, but the comprehensive examination appointments will be about 6 weeks ahead. For urgent requests, please phone us an we will assess the urgency; For breakages please call in, we may be able to make a temporary repair.